Section 4 - One-way pricing

Setting up an FX Tile with One-way pricing

Tiles can be used with One-way pricing where only the buy or the sell rate is displayed on the tile, showing one direction to trade in. A Two-way pricing tile can be switched into a One-way pricing tile using the menu icon:

one way pricing intro image

When switching to a One-way pricing tile, all user submitted data (Amount, Settlement date etc.) is retained. There are two additional features that are unique to a One-way pricing tile; the tile provides a toggle box for controlling the type of rate displayed on the tile - whether Sell or Buy. The other feature is a visual display for the Contra Amount directly on the tile:

one0way pricing tile explained2

Executing a trade using One-way pricing

Spot Trade

Begin by specifying the following:

  1. A Currency Pair to trade currencies across e.g. GBPUSD, EURUSD, etc.

  2. Intention to Buy or Sell - control this using the BUY/SELL toggle box

  3. A trade amount e.g. 1,750

  4. A Dealt Currency - this specifies the currency of the trade amount e.g. $1,750 USD or £1,750 GBP on a GBPUSD currency pair

  5. A Settlement Date - the settlement date field should be set to SPOT

executing tile one way pricing REVISED

Forward trade

Setting up a forward trade here is similar to the spot trade example, except that you will be specifying a Forward date in the settlement date field instead of SPOT e.g. 2M (two months from SPOT):

executing forward one way pricing REVISED

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