Architectural Overview

Caplin FX Mobile is available for iOS and Android. The Caplin Platform powers the back-end of the FX Mobile apps.


fx mob architecturechart

FX Mobile app

FX Mobile is a fast and modern trading application for use on Android and iOS mobile devices. FX Mobile uses touch-optimised controls as well as hardware accelerated graphics to provide users with the best possible performance and experience.

Distribution and web trading services layer

These layers represent the back-end systems for FX Mobile. The Caplin Platform handles trading, streaming financial data, and messaging over the Internet to the FX Mobile app using Liberator and Transformer.

Integration layer

FX Mobile is easy to integrate with your back-end systems using the Caplin Integration Suite and the FX Integration API to create integration adapters.

If you use an external Refinitiv trading system then you can use the Caplin RET Adapter toolkit to create integration adapters. The toolkit gives you access to the Refinitiv Trading API (TrAPI) which enables real-time price streaming and trade execution.

Synchronisation with FX Professional

fx mobile intergration fx pro

FX Mobile and FX Professional work together. For example, you can place orders via FX Professional and then view those orders using the FX Mobile app.

Watchlists created in either FX Mobile or FX Professional are visible across both — this enables a trader to stay informed across their various devices and accounts.

Supported platforms

FX Mobile is supported on both iOS and Android platforms.