Upgrading the Deployment Framework

To upgrade the Deployment Framework, redeploy to a later version of the Deployment Framework.

Upgrading by redeploying

This strategy is suitable for all upgrades.

Follow the steps below:

  1. In your existing deployment, make a record of deployed blades, including their versions and activation status. You will need this information later.

    $ ./dfw versions
  2. Unzip the new Deployment Framework to a separate directory to the existing deployment.

  3. Referring to the output from step 1 above, deploy kits to the new deployment. Deploy the same kit versions, but check if there are any compatibility issues between your existing kits and the new version of the Deployment Framework. You may need to deploy later versions of kits in the new Deployment Framework.

  4. Activate or deactivate blades according to the output from step 1 above.

  5. Copy licence files to the new deployment (global_config/licenses)

  6. Manually merge your old deployment’s configuration under the global_config directory to the new deployment. We recommend that you use a visual merge tool and take time to understand and resolve any merge conflicts.