UDP commands

The page describes the UDP commands supported by Liberator’s administration UDP interface.

To activate the UDP interface, see UDP configuration.

To send UDP commands to liberator, see Sending UDP commands to Liberator.



Initiates a graceful (delayed) shutdown of Liberator. During the grace period, no new client connections are accepted. Liberator will automatically shutdown either when all clients have disconnected or at the conclusion of the grace period; whichever happens first.

A graceful shutdown can also be initiated in two other ways:

To abort a graceful shutdown, send Liberator the UDP message shutdown abort, or execute the monitoring operation 'shutdown-abort' under the rttp.server.liberator mbean in the Caplin Management Console.

Since: Liberator 7.1.1


  • shutdown <timespec> <reason>

    Parameter Type Default Description



    The number of seconds to delay shutdown or a specific local-time to shutdown the server in the format %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M



    Descriptive text to enter in Liberator’s log.

  • shutdown abort

    Aborts an initiated graceful shutdown. Has no effect if no graceful shutdown has been initiated.


  • shutdown 10 "Graceful shutdown initiated. Liberator will shutdown in 10 seconds."

  • shutdown "2099-09-23T23:00" "Graceful shutdown initiated. Liberator will shutdown at 23:00 on 23 Sep 2099."

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