Upgrading the WallStreet Adapter

This topic describes how to upgrade the WallStreet Adapter.

Upgrading the adapter

To upgrade the WallStreet Adapter using the Caplin Deployment Framework, follow the instructions below:

  1. Copy the new WallStreet Adapter installation kit to the <framework_root>/kits directory

  2. From the root directory of your Deployment Framework, run the command below to deploy the new adapter over the old adapter:

    ./dfw deploy WallStreetAdapter
  3. Manually update the configuration override files in the <framework-root>/global_config/overrides/WallStreetAdapter/etc directory with any configuration changes introduced by the new version of the adapter.

    To determine how the WallStreet Adapter’s override files have changed between two releases, extract the installation kits for both adapter versions, and use the Linux diff command to compare their respective overrides/WallStreetAdapter directories.

    Example: determining changes between 1.14.0 and 1.17.0
    $ unzip WallStreetAdapter-1.14.0-1636-f767e573.zip
    $ unzip WallStreetAdapter-1.17.0-1733-5145ebfa.zip
    $ diff -ur WallStreetAdapter-1.14.0-1636-f767e573/overrides/WallStreetAdapter WallStreetAdapter-1.17.0-1733-5145ebfa/overrides/WallStreetAdapter

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