Upgrading the WallStreet Adapter

This topic describes how to upgrade the WallStreet Adapter.

Upgrading the adapter

To upgrade the WallStreet Adapter using the Caplin Deployment Framework, follow the instructions below:

  1. Copy the new WallStreet Adapter installation kit to the <framework_root>/kits directory

  2. From the root directory of your Deployment Framework, run the command below to deploy the new adapter over the old adapter:

    ./dfw deploy WallStreetAdapter
  3. Manually update the configuration override files in the <framework-root>/global_config/overrides/WallStreetAdapter/etc directory with any configuration changes introduced by the new version of the adapter.

    To determine if the override files in a new release of the WallStreet Adapter have changed compared to the override files in a previous release, extract the installation kits for both adapter versions and use the Linux diff command to compare their respective overrides/WallStreetAdapter directories.

    Example: determining changes between 1.14.0 and 1.17.0
    $ unzip WallStreetAdapter-1.14.0-1636-f767e573.zip
    $ unzip WallStreetAdapter-1.17.0-1733-5145ebfa.zip
    $ diff -ur WallStreetAdapter-1.14.0-1636-f767e573/overrides/WallStreetAdapter WallStreetAdapter-1.17.0-1733-5145ebfa/overrides/WallStreetAdapter

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