Installing the RET Adapter Toolkit

This page describes how to install the RET Adapter Toolkit


The RET Adapter Toolkit 3 has the following requirements. See the release notes for the versions supported by a specific release.


  • Oracle Java 8 64-bit


  • Refinitiv Electronic Trading backend

  • Refinitiv SCS Relay

Caplin Platform:

  • Liberator

    • Module: Caplin Permissioning Service

  • Transformer

    • Module: Caplin Refiner

Caplin software libraries:

  • FX Integration API 3

  • Java DataSource API

  • Java Trading API

  • Java Blotter API

  • Java Notification API

  • Java Permissioning API

Refinitiv software libraries:

  • Refinitiv Trading API (TrAPI)

  • Refinitiv Admin API

  • Refinitiv LBN API

  • Refinitiv Rates API

Refinitiv licences:

  • TrAPI licence

  • LBN licence

Installing the RET Adapter Toolkit

Extract the file to a directory.