Installing the RET Adapter Suite

This page will show you how to set up and install the RET Adapter Suite. You will first install and learn to use the Deployment Framework, a tool used to deploy adapters and components.


Before you install the RET Adapter Suite you will need to have the Caplin Deployment Framework set up and installed. The framework is used to deploy and manage the Caplin Platform (back-end) components and various Platform blades. You will require the core component Liberator - a financial internet hub used to stream market data and messages as well as the component Transformer - a data transformation engine used to filter and modify incoming market data.

If you already have the Deployment Framework, Liberator and Transformer set up - skip this section and go to Installing the RET Adapter Suite.

Files required:




Licenses required:

  • license-rttpd.conf

  • license-transformer.conf

To install the framework:

  1. Locate your and then follow these instructions: Installing the Deployment Framework. Do not follow any instructions on deploying components just yet as further configuration is still required.

  2. Now see Installing the RET Adapter Suite.

Installing the RET Adapter Suite

Besides deploying the RET Adapter Suite which provides a set of Adapter blades used to connect to, and supply data to Liberator and Transformer, you will also deploy Service blades which are modules used to configure the Platform components (Liberator and Transformer) with additional services - see Caplin-supplied blades for detailed information on various blades.


  • You will need a Java 7 JDK or higher installed, with the Java binary on the system path.

    For Windows-based systems you must install and use a 32-bit JDK even if your development machine is 64-bit.
  • The JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set to point to the Java Development Kit (JDK) installation directory, see here

  • An SCS Relay must be installed and configured against your RET environment

  • For details on Hardware and Software requirements see here.

Files required





To install the RET Adapter Suite:

  1. Find and unzip your thencopy the contents of <CaplinRETAdapterSuite>/global-config over to <Framework_root>/global_config.

  2. Copy the contents of <CaplinRETAdapterSuite>/blades to <Framework-root>/kits. Also copy the Service blades and to <Framework-root>/kits.

  3. You can now deploy all blades using the deploy command. Open Cygwin (if using Windows) or your command line tool and navigate to the Deployment Framework’s top-most directory.

    Enter the command:

    ./dfw deploy

    This unpacks any Liberator or Transformer components (not previously unpacked) and sets up any added blades. It also automatically moves the installation file into the Deployment Framework’s /kits/archive directory. Detailed information on the deploying procedure is in this guide: Deploy Platform components to the Framework.

…​ Finished!

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