The CMC interface

Below the graphical overview, the CMC consists of a series of tabs, some of which are shown for all server components, and some that are specific to particular applications. If you need to, you can also add extra tabs to the console using Java Swing.

Common Tabs

Tab Name Tab Description


This shows an overview of the server component currently being viewed, and lists any other components that have a direct connections to it (these may be referred to as its peers). You can also see various statistics, version details and licence information here.


This tab displays information about all the peers of the server component you’re currently viewing, including message counts and rates. It also allows you to connect, disconnect or fail-over any connections.


This tab lets you see details of all available log files, and gives you control over logging levels and log cycling.


The Explorer tab allows you to browse the entire contents of the system, displaying all the JMX MBeans ("Management Beans") on all monitored applications in a hierarchical tree structure, and allowing you to view and manage them.

Liberator-specific Tabs

Tab Name Tab Description


This is a searchable view that lets you see details of all the users and sessions in Liberator, the objects they are subscribed to, throttle levels and so forth. It also allows you to carry out actions including starting RTTP logging, setting throttle levels and ejecting a logged-in user.


This view shows details of all the objects in the Liberator, including all the user sessions currently subscribed to each of them.


This tab shows current license details, and alerts users if their license is close to its expiry date.


This tab shows which DataSource the Liberator would go to for updates on particular subjects. For example, if a user requested details of /FX/ABCDEF, then the Liberator would check the DataService for that information and forward the request to the specified DataSource.

The panel shown below shows a /TRADE_FX object in Liberator.

objects tab users subscribed to object cropped

The Sessions pane, at the bottom right of the screen, shows any users who are subscribed to this object; in this case, the admin user. We can see the details of the admin user in the Users tab, including (again, at the bottom right) all the objects it subscribes to:

user tab subscribed objects cropped

As the CMC is a JMX console, all data can be displayed in the form of JMX MBeans. The Explorer tab shows this view, with all aspects of each monitored server displayed as a hierarchical structure of MBeans. The following screen-shot shows the Explorer view of the admin user MBean:

explorer showing user mbean cropped

As you can see, there’s not much information in a user MBean. Most of the details shown on the Users tab actually come from the session MBean, which is linked to the user. Most of the tabs you will see on CMC show data from several MBeans, all of which can be found in the hierarchical structure on the Explorer tab.

Trading-specific Tab

The Trading tab only appears when the user selects a Platform component that’s a Trading Integration Adapter. The Trading view shows details of trading activity, including statistics of the number of trades in that are in progress, completed, and successful. It lists the open trading channels, and the user can drill down into these to see channel statistics and the progress of open trades. The user can view a flow diagram of a particular trade, showing the trading states; as a trade progresses the current state (highlighted in red) changes to reflect this.

Here’s a screen-shot of a typical Trading view:

A typical Trading view