Caplin RET Adapter Toolkit

The RET Adapter Toolkit makes integration with a Refinitiv Electronic Trading system quick and easy. The toolkit includes frameworks for creating six types of adapter: pricing, FX trading, limit orders, calendar, permissioning and Local Bank Node (LBN).

ret adapter architecture diagram
Relationships between libraries in an integration adapter written using the RET Adapter Toolkit


Integration made easy

Full integration with the Refinitiv Admin API, Trading API (TrAPI), Limit Order Management (LOMS), and Local Bank Node (LBN) systems.


Adapters created using the RET Adapter Toolkit are compatible with all applications in the Caplin FX Suite.


The RET Adapter Toolkit provides extension points for easy integration and customisation.

Feature packed

The RET Adapter Toolkit integrates with a wide variety of RET data and functionality. For more information, see Adapter frameworks.