RET Adapter Suite

The RET Adapter Suite makes integration with a Reuters Electronic Trading - Automated Dealing (RET- AD) system quick and easy. The suite comprises an adapter toolkit and pre-built adapters that support a range of RET features, including Pricing, Trading, Orders, Calendar, Permissions and Local Bank Node (LBN). The RET Adapter Toolkit can be used to extend the suite’s adapters and to build your own adapters from scratch.

RET Adapter comp diagram 5


Integration made easy

Full access and connectivity to Reuters Admin API, Trading API (TrAPI), Limit Order Management (LOMS) and Local Bank Node (LBN) systems. There’s also flexible support for any required versions for Reuters API.


The RET Adapter Suite can be used with a variety of front-end and back-end systems, and is designed with the flexibility to work alongside any third-party systems. It is fully supported by the Caplin FX Motif and can be customised to suit your own needs.


The included RET Adapter Toolkit allows you to easily implement your own adapters, or extend and adapt existing ones. Extension points have been set up to make the process pain-free and to efficiently facilitate future maintenance, upgrades and add-ons to adapters. The Toolkit provides example implementations for adapters and default extension points for managing users, pricing, trading, blotters and more.


The Suite provides integration for various RET data and functionality. Tenor- and Settlement dates are supported with the Calendar Adapter. The Trading Adapter supports Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) and Request for Stream (RFS) for Spot, Forward and Swap trades. There’s also support for additional functionality like Block Trading and Trading-on-Behalf-of (TOBO).