Keep subscriptions open when the peer is down

Here’s how to set up Liberator so that it will allow requests for open subscriptions.

  • To allow all subscription requests to be open, set the data services configuration item service-request-timeout to -1 (no timeout set).

  • To allow open subscription requests just for a particular data service, set the request-timeout option of the add-data-service configuration item for the data service to 0 (no timeout set).

  • In either case, also set the remote-type option in the Liberator’s add-peer configuration item referring to the DataSource peer(s) that must satisfy the open subscription requests. The value of remote-type must match the value of the local-type option in the DataSource peers' add-peer configuration for the Liberator (which would be either active or active|contrib). This allows the Liberator to determine that a DataSource peer is an active DataSource before the peer has actually connected to the Liberator. The Liberator can then keep subscription requests for that DataSource peer open, even when peer is not connected.

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