Subject mapping

This topic lists mappings between subjects published by the Barracuda Order Adapter and subjects published by Liberator for Caplin FX Suite.



The object mappings listed in the table below are contained in the adapter blade’s rttpd.conf file, which is copied into the <framework-root>/global_config/overrides/BarracudaOrderAdapter/Liberator/etc directory on deployment of the adapter.

Feature Mappings

Order messaging-channel


Order details


Sales order details


Order Blotter



Sales order-blotter



Client order-blotter

No mappings are required (see below).

Mappings are not required for blotter items. Users are subscribed to blotter-item subjects precisely as they are listed in the blotter’s container. Permissioning ensures that users can only subscribe to blotter items within the context of their container, and so one user may not subscribe to another user’s blotter items.

Mappings are not requried for client order-blotters. Users subscribe to a client order-blotter’s subjects precisely as they are published by the Barracuda Order Adapter. Permmissioning ensures that a sales user may not subscribe to the client order-blotter of a client for whom he is not allowed to trade on behalf of.