Caplin’s Real Time Text Protocol (RTTP) is the streaming protocol used by client applications to communicate with Caplin Liberator via StreamLink. RTTP is used to stream data to clients (such as updates to financial instrument prices), and to exchange messages with clients to support trading and other client - platform interactions.

RTTP is a robust text-based protocol that operates over intranets, the web, and over private networks (directly via TCP/IP). When operating over WANs, intranets and the web, RTTP is typically encapsulated in HTTP, or in HTTPS, to provide the highly secure messaging required by many financial applications.

RTTP features:

  • Automatically tunnels between clients and Liberator, through firewalls and proxy servers, with no special TCP/IP port requirements.

  • Uses persistent virtual connections, providing rapid and seamless recovery from transient connection loss.

  • Designed to utilise bandwidth between Liberator and its clients extremely efficiently.

  • Can handle information in various formats, including structured records, news headlines and news stories; containers and directories.

For more information about RTTP data formats, see Data Types in the DataSource section.

For more on supported connection types, StreamLink connection types.