LiberatorDemoDataSource blade

The LiberatorDemoDataSource blade is packaged with Liberator and provides a simple source of demo data.

The blade is required by the StreamLink JS Interactive Documentation packaged with Liberator and available when the LiberatorWebsite blade is active.

Activating the blade

To activate or deactivate the blade, follow the instructions in Activate and deactivate blades, using the blade name 'LiberatorDemoDataSource'.

Transformer has an equivalent blade: 'TransformerDemoDataSource'. The Liberator blade and the Transformer blade both serve the same subjects, so only activate one of them or their respective configurations will clash.

Do not activate both the LiberatorDemoDataSource blade and the TransformerDemoDataSource blade.

Container subject

The blade serves a container under the following subject: /EXAMPLES/PRICING/CONTAINERS/EQUITIES

The container’s constituents are the records listed in the section Record subjects.

Record subjects

The blade serves Type 1 records under the following subjects:











JSON subjects

Since: Liberator 7.1.8

The blade serves JSON data under the following subjects:











Broadcast subjects

The blade broadcasts the following records under the following subjects: