Caplin Training

Welcome to the Caplin Training portal. Here you will find a set of hands-on courses that provide a practical overview of Caplin’s products and components. Each course guides you towards building a tangible example product.

We recommend that you follow the courses under the guidance of a Caplin instructor, but we make the courses publicly available so that you can follow them independently if you wish. You can find links to instructors' presentations in the introduction to each course, and Caplin’s main developer documentation provides you with installation instructions, feature overviews, and reference material for Caplin products.

For more information on arranging training with Caplin, please contact us.

Caplin Front-end Tutorial

This course introduces you to developing applications with Caplin's front-end libraries.


Caplin Trader 4 Tutorial

This course will take you through the Caplin Trader tools and components which include BladeRunnerJS. You will use this to build and test a simple trade tile and a grid and to include these in a trading application built using the Webcentric layout manager. You will set up your grid and tile to receive price updates from a server. You will also set up the tile to execute trades on the server.


Caplin Platform Developer Tutorial 1

This course will take you through the Deployment Framework, the Caplin Platform, and the Caplin Integration Suite.


Caplin Platform Developer Tutorial 2

This tutorial builds on the Caplin Platform Developer Tutorial 1. It will help you develop a more in-depth understanding of the Caplin Platform.


Caplin Platform Support Tutorial

This course will provide you with the knowledge to deploy, maintain, and support the Caplin Platform.


Caplin RET Adapter Toolkit Tutorial

This course continues on from the basic Caplin Platform and Integration Suite course, and any previous training you may have had in using integration adapters.