Introduction to the RET Adapter Suite

This course continues on from the Caplin Platform course, and any previous training you may have had in using integration adapters.

It is assumed that you will already have a basic understanding of what Integration Adapters are, and how they operate.


The Caplin RET Adapter Toolkit contains classes that enable you to create a suite of integration adapters that integrate a RET-AD (Reuters Electronic Trading - Automated Dealing™) system with the Caplin Platform.

Each adapter class is designed to integrate a specific set of RET functionality or data into a Caplin Platform environment. The classes handle the translation of RET messages into Caplin message specifications and vice versa, as well as handling other business logic.

Here’s a list of the adapter classes:

  • Calendar Adapter - Used to provide Tenor dates and Settlement dates when setting up trades.

  • FX Trading Adapter - Used to facilitate FX trading with functions that include ESP and RFS using a RET-AD system.

  • LBN Adapter - Used to provide historic blotter data detailing the user’s open (active) and executed deals.

  • Order Adapter - Used to set up Order tickets, and to provide Orders functionality.

  • Pricing Adapter - Used to deliver streaming prices (rates) via a RET-AD system.

  • Permissioning Adapter - Provides a permissions framework for use with Caplin Platform data, as well as providing an integration point for an external permissions service.

  • Director Permissioning Adapter - Used to integrate with Caplin Director (an Administration tool) - replacing the standard Permissioning Adapter.

  • Common Config Adapter - Used to configure an Activity Blotter to receive data from the Order Adapter, as well as from the FX Trading Adapter.

For a full list of features, see Adapter features for more detail.


Before starting this course, ensure that you have access to a location from which to download the latest versions of:

  • Deployment Framework

  • Caplin Liberator

  • Caplin Transformer


Download the slide show presentations for the RET Adapter Suite course.