Caplin RET Adapter Toolkit Tutorial

This tutorial provides an overview of developing adapters with the RET Adapter Toolkit.

This tutorial assumes that you already have a working knowledge of the Caplin Platform and integration adapters. If you haven’t already, follow the Caplin Platform Developer Tutorial 1 for an overview of developing on the Caplin Platform.

Download the presentations for this course.


The Caplin RET Adapter Toolkit contains classes that enable you to create a suite of integration adapters that integrate a Refinitiv Electronic Trading system with the Caplin Platform.

Each adapter class is designed to integrate a specific set of RET functionality or data into a Caplin Platform environment. The classes handle the translation of RET messages into Caplin message specifications and vice versa, as well as handling other business logic.

Here’s a list of the adapter classes:

  • Calendar Adapter - Used to provide Tenor dates and Settlement dates when setting up trades.

  • FX Trading Adapter - Used to facilitate FX trading with functions that include ESP and RFS using a RET-AD system.

  • LBN Adapter - Used to provide historic blotter data detailing the user’s open (active) and executed deals.

  • Order Adapter - Used to set up Order tickets, and to provide Orders functionality.

  • Pricing Adapter - Used to deliver streaming prices (rates) via a RET-AD system.

  • Permissioning Adapter - Provides a permissions framework for use with Caplin Platform data, as well as providing an integration point for an external permissions service.

  • Director Permissioning Adapter - Used to integrate with Caplin Director (an Administration tool) - replacing the standard Permissioning Adapter.

  • Common Config Adapter - Used to configure an Activity Blotter to receive data from the Order Adapter, as well as from the FX Trading Adapter.

For a full list of features, see Adapter features for more detail.


Before starting this course, ensure that you have access to a location from which to download the latest versions of:

  • Deployment Framework

  • Caplin Liberator

  • Caplin Transformer


Download the presentations for the RET Adapter Toolkit tutorials.