Fields configuration

These Liberator configuration items determine how Liberator handles the fields contained in objects (records).

For information about how you define fields within records in a DataSource application such as Liberator, see Field definition format.


ignore-unknown-fields when TRUE, suppresses the generation of error log messages when Liberator encounters unknown fields in a record it’s received. (A field is unknown if it’s not defined in Liberator’s fields.conf file.) .

Syntax: ignore-unknown-fields <boolean>

Type: boolean

Default value: FALSE (Liberator logs an error when it encounters a field that it doesn’t recognise.)


requested-fields-only when TRUE, ensures that Liberator only sends the client the record fields that were explicitly requested by the client at the time it subscribed to a record’s subject.

In the default configuration that’s supplied with Liberators for deployment in the Caplin Deployment Framework, requested-fields-only is set to TRUE by default.

Syntax: requested-fields-only <boolean>

Type: boolean

Default value: FALSE (Liberator sends the client all updated fields relating to a subscribed record.)

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