Caplin Trader JavaScript Libraries

You might also find it helpful to read key concepts, how it works and the CT 4.0 Configuration and Code Upgrade Guides if you haven’t yet.

Some libraries in Caplin Trader come with BladeRunnerJS, our open-source tool for large JS apps. These are libraries that provide core infrastructure, like the ServiceRegistry and internationalisation. Caplin Trader libraries are designed to help you build a trading application by providing components and financial APIs you’ll need, such as financial charting and trading.

BladeRunnerJS Libraries

  • Topiarist - Object Oriented extensions for JavaScript

  • Services - Define common shared resources for your components

  • Component - Defines the display component interface

  • Presenter - An MV* framework used as a layout manager, and for implementing GUI components

  • Test - Contains test infrastructure and common fixtures and stubs

  • Workbench - Workbench infrastructure and tools to develop your component in isolation

  • Fell - A simple, performant logging library

  • Emitr - A simple event emitter

  • I18n - Internationalisation and localisation features

  • Util - A number of low level utilities and interfaces

Caplin Trader Libraries

  • Chart - Financial charting API for use with any charting package, integrated with streaming data

  • HighStock and HighCharts - OEM Licensed charting package

  • Grid - High-performance displays of streamed data in an infinite scolling grid

  • Trading - Stateful messaging to help you implement a trading workflow

  • Security - Supplies real-time permission data

  • Webcentric - Customisable rich layout manager

  • Popout - Cross-browser support for popping out windows and communicating between them

  • StreamLink - Caplin’s implementation of a streamed publish/subscribe service

Caplin Trader Libraries Integration with Caplin Platform

The Caplin Trader domain libraries for messaging, trading, charting and permissions have service implementations that integrate directly with the Caplin Platform. For example the stateful messaging in the trade library is mirrored by the Trade API, part of the Caplin Integration Suite.

The service architecture means that you can easily write your own services if you don’t want to use the Caplin Platform. For example if you wanted to have static chart data and retrieve it from a Web Service