Caplin Trader 5

Caplin Trader (CT) is a complete development suite for creating stunning HTML5 web-trading apps.

The fifth release of Caplin Trader is a major release that sees Caplin Trader move from a Java build stack to a Node.js build stack, bringing major improvements in developer experience and productivity.

ct5 tech logos

Modular development environment

Services & Event Hub

Model server-side business features as Caplin Trader services, which can be easily swapped for mock services during development and testing. Remove dependencies between modules by using Caplin Trader’s Event Hub to manage inter-module communication.

React & Storybook

Develop reusable UI components using React, JSX, and the Storybook UI editor.

Karma & Jest

Use Karma to run tests for legacy UI components, and Jest to run tests for React components.

Real-time display components


Not all GUI components are equal, especially when dealing with real-time data. All Caplin display components have been designed from the ground up to process fast-moving data all-day without leaking memory.


Server-side windowing allows our grid to contain hundreds of thousands of rows, while only updating the browser on the rows currently being displayed. When users scroll, the Caplin Platform delivers new data in a split second. Real-time sorting and filtering is also handled on the server.


Display live data in a dynamically updating, pure HTML chart. We use HighStock charts in our library, which have been integrated into our real-time framework. It is also adaptable to your favourite HTML charting library.

Layout management

Rich Layout

Caplin Trader’s built-in layout manager, Webcentric, provides a rich layout management framework similar to high-end desktop applications.


Webcentric allows users to customise their own workspace by dragging and dropping panels. Custom layouts can be saved, closed and loaded from the server.

Single-Page App

Insert, delete and modify components. Webcentric is designed and tested to speed up your user’s workflow by not refreshing the page or leaking memory that slows the browser down.

Real-time APIs

Streaming Data

Caplin Trader works best with the Caplin Platform. It uses Caplin’s StreamLink library to deliver low-latency financial messaging to the browser using the latest streaming technologies.


Our state machine models complex trade workflows and ensures that messaging errors like messages "crossing on the wire" don’t happen. This makes your code cleaner, less cluttered and easier to read.


Caplin Trader can receive user entitlement changes by stream and react in real time. Our JavaScript API allows you to customise the display based on each user’s role, and allows you to add and remove instruments from the display in real-time.