Name mapping configuration

This DataSource configuration item defines how a DataSource application can map namespaces



add-pattern specifies a pattern that maps the namespace of subscription request subjects received by the DataSource application to a different namespace, typically for onward transmission. For example, an Integration Adapter receiving requests for subjects of the form /FX/<currency-pair> forward these requests to an external pricing system. The pricing system expects the subjects it receives to have the form /FXPRICE/<currency-pair>; you can use add-pattern to map such subjects from the one format to the other, as shown in the first example below.

Use in: C, Java

Syntax: add-pattern <backend-pattern> <caplin-platform-pattern>

Type: array of strings

Default value: [none]


add-pattern /FXPRICE/* /FX/*

The * is a wildcard character that means match zero or more characters.

Assume the Integration Adapter referred to above receives a subscription request for the subject FX/EURUSD. The subject matches the right hand pattern /FX/* (because the string EURUSD matches the * in the pattern). The Integration Adapter therefore changes the subject according to the left hand pattern /FXPRICE/* into /FXPRICE/EURUSD It then sends a request for /FXPRICE/EURUSD to the external pricing system.

You can only put the * wildcard at the beginning or end of a pattern string. For example, add-pattern /FX/E*R /FXPRICE/E*R isn’t valid.