Configure FX Mobile

You can configure FX Mobile by editing configuration files stored within FX Mobile’s WAR file.

Editing configuration files

FX Mobile’s configuration is held in configuration files within the WAR file.

Blotter configuration files
File Description


See Application configuration.


See Blotter configuration.


Locale dictionaries.

WAR files are compressed using the ZIP algorithm. Suitable utilities for working with WAR files include 7-Zip and Linux’s zip utility (the 'zip' package on RHEL).

To edit a configuration file on Linux:

  1. Extract the configuration file from the FX Mobile WAR:

    $ unzip mobile-<version>.war <config-file-path>
  2. Edit the configuration file with a text editor:

    $ vim <config-file-path>
  3. Update the configuration file in the FX Mobile WAR:

    $ zip mobile-<version>.war <config-file-path>

For example, to edit the English locale dictionary for FX Mobile 3.0:

$ unzip -l mobile-3.0.0-8844-fe32d4c.war public/i18n-*.js
Archive:  mobile-3.0.0-8844-fe32d4c.war
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
    24685  2016-10-20 17:12   public/i18n-3.0.0-8844-fe32d4c.js
---------                     -------
    24685                     1 file
$ unzip mobile-3.0.0-8844-fe32d4c.war public/i18n-3.0.0-8844-fe32d4c.js
$ vim public/i18n-3.0.0-8844-fe32d4c.js
$ zip mobile-3.0.0-8844-fe32d4c.war public/i18n-3.0.0-8844-fe32d4c.js

Configuring blotters

This section provides an overview of how to perform common blotter configuration tasks. This should be read in conjunction with the more detailed information in Blotter configuration.

Adding a new blotter

To add a new blotter to FX Mobile:

  1. If the blotter is populated by a new subject, ensure that the subject’s records conform to the record specification expected by FX Mobile.

  2. Edit the blotter configuration file. Add a blotter configuration object to the ORDER_BLOTTERS or TRADE_BLOTTERS associative array.

  3. Edit the locale dictionaries. Add entries for the blotter’s name and shield message. For more information, see Changing a blotter’s name and shield message.

Removing an existing blotter

To remove an existing blotter:

  1. Edit the /public/<version>/BlotterConfig.json file. Remove the blotter’s configuration object from the ORDER_BLOTTERS or TRADE_BLOTTERS associative array.

  2. [Optional] Edit the locale dictionaries. Remove entries for the blotter’s name and shield message.

Re-ordering blotter tabs

To change the display-order of blotter tabs, change the order in which the configuration objects are declared in the ORDER_BLOTTERS and TRADE_BLOTTERS associative arrays. Blotter tabs are displayed, from left-to-right, in the order in which they are declared within these two arrays.

Changing a blotter’s name and shield message

The blotter’s name and shield message are localised. To change a localised name and shield message for a blotter, edit the dictionary for the locale and change the values of the i18n keys below:

  • Blotter name: edit the value of the i18n key<NAME>, where <NAME> is the value of the blotter’s NAME configuration property.

  • Blotter shield message: edit the value of the i18n key<SHIELD_MESSAGE>, where <SHIELD_MESSAGE> is the value of the blotter’s SHIELD_MESSAGE configuration property.

For more information on the NAME and SHIELD_MESSAGE blotter configuration properties, see Blotter configuration.

For more information on locating and editing FX Mobile’s locale dictionaries, see Editing configuration files.

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