Caplin Director

Add and remove trading user entitlements in real-time. Caplin Director is our bespoke administration application designed to communicate with Caplin Platform.

Director image


Real-time enforcement

You can instantly disable users from trading or connecting to your trading platform. Director communicates entitlements immediately to the Caplin Platform, allowing you to modify user trading privileges in real-time.

Dynamic permissioning

You define available instruments users can trade on, and actions that you want users permissioned for, such as ESP trading. You can easily modify the permissions to match your own trading platform.

Seamless control

Easily configure the price tier a client is assigned to. Conveniently define sets of client entitlements for trading users to inherit, as well as reduce entitlements for specific users. Create and manage the client trading accounts, and control user access to them.

Integration with the Caplin Platform

Make changes that take effect immediately, like adding users to live systems or disabling trading. There’s no delay as Director is optimised to work in full support of Caplin Platform. This rapid combination will provide you with a secure and scalable user management system.

REST and web app interfaces

The REST API lets you do batch client onboarding or build custom UIs. The web app provides an advanced GUI with interaction controllers to delivers an elegant, intuitive tool for managing Users and permissions.

Connect to existing systems

You can integrate Director with any user management system. Although Director is designed to work optimally with Caplin Platform, it exposes an API that you can use to update your system.

Define instruments

You can define the sets of available instruments users can trade on, such as currency pairs on FX, all by a few clicks in Caplin Director. Director’s interface vastly simplifies the process of managing user entitlements.

Manage client accounts

You can conveniently create and administer multiple client accounts for trading. Caplin Director also offers you the ability to restrict individuals or groups of users to subsets of accounts available from the client.

Actions, tenors, and price tiers

Effortlessly permission users for a variety of actions like RFS SPOT/FWD/SWAP or the set of forward tenors for FX. Use Director to modify the price tier to which a client is assigned - and trading users inherit the new tier immediately.