Liberator Explorer

Liberator Explorer is a diagnostic tool supplied with Liberator; you can use it to quickly and easily inspect the values of objects in Liberator and send data to the Liberator.

During development, it’s often useful to look at the structure and current values of objects. For example, when you’re developing an Integration Adapter, you can use Liberator Explorer to subscribe to an object that the Adapter supplies and check that the Adapter is sending Liberator the correct data.

Liberator Explorer is only intended for use in development environments. It isn’t secure enough to use in production systems.


Liberator Explorer has the following features:

  • Allows connections to several Liberators at a time

  • Supports multiple subscription types

  • Directory view to navigate through Liberator directories and subscribe to subjects

  • Real-time grid display that can handle large amounts of data

  • Can publish data (contributions) to Liberator

  • Saves the connections, subjects and contributions from previous sessions

  • Status page provides detailed information about Liberator connections

  • StreamLink log that can be filtered and saved

  • Pause/resume and restart a StreamLink connection

  • KeyMaster Support

Liberator 6.2.2 and later

Here’s an example of the Liberator Explorer provided with Liberator 6.2.2 and later:

Screen shot of Liberator Explorer 6.2

In this screen shot, Liberator Explorer is displaying the Liberator record for the subject /SYSTEM/INFO. The Log at the bottom half of the page provides details of the updates being received from the Liberator.

Liberator 6.2.1 and earlier

The Liberator Explorer that comes with earlier versions of Liberator (pre 6.2) has a different appearance and layout:

LiberatorExplorer EXAMPLE

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