Installing the Charting Service

The Charting Service provides intraday charting data.

The Charting Service is provided as a Caplin Platform Blade and is downloaded separately to Caplin Transformer.


The Charting Service 7 has the following requirements:

Deploying the Charting Service

Follow the steps below:

  1. Deploy the Charting Service blade. See Deploy and upgrade blades.

  2. If want to use a Caplin TREP Adapter as a source of historical pricing data for the Charting Service, deploy the TS1 Decoder Service blade. See Deploy and upgrade blades.

  3. Grant the Transformer user account write permission to the Charting Service’s cached data directory: servers/Transformer/cache.

    To change the cache directory location, override the cache-directory configuration item in the file global_config/overrides/ChartingService/Transformer/etc/charting.conf.

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