Discovery log files

This page describes the log files generated by the Discovery server.


Discovery server is built on the Spring Boot framework and uses the Logback logging library by default.

For detailed information on logging in Spring Boot applications, see Spring Boot Logging.

Logging configuration

By default, Discovery is configured to log to logs/discovery.log. The log file is rolled at 10MB and a maximum of 7 rolled files are retained.

Changing the default configuration

Discovery’s logging is configured in the Spring Boot config/ file.

Default values
Configuration Description Default value


Path to log file



Maximum number of rolled files to retain



Log file rolling trigger



Logging level of root logger


Overriding logging configuration on the command line

The control script accepts Spring Boot configuration options on the command line, which override settings in config/

$ ./ start --logging.file.max-size=5MB

Logging in container-based deployments

In container-based deployments it is common practice to run applications in the foreground and log to STDOUT, delegating log file management to the container orchestrator.

The control script’s start command has a -f option that runs Discovery as a foreground process and logs to STDOUT:

$ start -f