Caplin Platform Developer Tutorial 2

This tutorial builds on the Caplin Platform Developer Tutorial 1. It will help you develop a more in-depth understanding of the Caplin Platform.

Before starting this course, ensure that you have access to a location from which to download the latest versions of:

  • Deployment Framework

  • Caplin Liberator

  • Caplin Transformer

  • Caplin Management Console

  • Caplin Integration Suite

  • Refiner Service (Caplin Platform Blade)

  • Permissioning Service (Caplin Platform Blade)

  • Benchsrc (Caplin Platform Blade)

  • Benchrttp

You will also be prompted download some additional exercise resources as you follow the tutorials.

Unless you have completed the basic Caplin Platform and Integration Suite course and developed the Pricing, Trading and Permissioning Integration Adapters please follow the first tutorial to set up your platform before getting started.


Download the slide show presentations for the Caplin Platform and Integration Suite Advanced course.