Caplin Trader 4 Tutorial

This course will take you through the Caplin Trader tools and components which include BladeRunnerJS. You will use this to build and test a simple trade tile and a grid and to include these in a trading application built using the Webcentric layout manager. You will set up your grid and tile to receive price updates from a server. You will also set up the tile to execute trades on the server.

Before starting this course, ensure that you have access to a location from which to download Caplin Trader (version 4.0 or later).

You will also be prompted download some additional exercise resources as you follow the tutorials.

The tutorials in this course also assume that you have completed the "Caplin Platform and Integration Suite" tutorial and that you have a backend built using the Caplin stack that is providing price data for a set of currency pairs and allowing FX ESP trades. If you have not followed the Caplin Platform and Integration Suite tutorial, you can connect your client application to host This is done when implementing a StreamLink connection in the Message Service tutorial. Simply use url rttp:// instead of rttp://localhost:18080. is supported during UK office hours only (Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 GMT). Should you encounter a problem connecting to this server, please contact our support desk via email.


Download the slide show presentations for the Caplin Trader course.