Transformer 8 release highlights

This page describes the new features in Transformer 8.

New features

Transformer 8 includes dynamic configuration, and updated operating system and CPU architecture support.

Dynamic configuration

Deploy new adapters and scale them at runtime, with no downtime required to reconfigure Liberator and Transformer.

New Dynamic Peers, Dynamic Services, and Dynamic Fields features in Caplin Platform 8 components allow adapters to provide Liberator and Transformer with data-service routing, object mapping, and field configuration at the time of peer connection. New API keys ensure only trusted components can configure a running deployment.

In simple use cases, dynamic features provide some of the benefits of Discovery's peer discovery out-of-the-box. In cloud deployments, dynamic features complement Discovery and make new on-prem/cloud hybrid deployments possible.

Support for the AArch64 CPU architecture

Liberator now supports AArch64 (ARM64) CPUs. Take advantage of more power-efficient hosting options with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 AArch64 builds of Liberator 8, Transformer 8, and DataSource for C (DSDK) 8.


Transformer 8 has the following requirements:

Operating System

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (x86_64, aarch64) [recommended]
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (x86_64)


OpenJDK 17

Transformer is written in C. Java is only required if you run Java Transformer modules or legacy JMX monitoring.

For more information on Caplin Platform 8 requirements in general, see Caplin Platform Systems Requirements.

Upgrading to Transformer 8

For guidance on updating a deployment to Platform 8, see Upgrading to Caplin Platform 8.