WallStreet Adapter

The WallStreet Adapter connects the Caplin Platform with a Wall Street Systems WSS core instance and supports the post-trade workflows of Caplin FX Corporate.

Retrieve trades

Retrieve all spot, forward, FX swap, time option, and NDF trades for a user. Fields returned for each trade include the trade status, the time remaining until settlement, and the actions the user may perform on the trade.

Affirm and confirm trades

Affirm and confirm a user’s trades. A trade may be affirmed multiple times before final confirmation. Set settlement instructions for a trade on first affirmation or on a later affirmation.

Manage settlement instructions

Retrieve, create, and delete a user’s settlement instructions. Set the default settlement instructions for a currency. Retrieve settlement instructions pending authorisation.

Split and net trades

Split a single trade into multiple payments by setting multiple settlement instructions for the trade. Net multiple trades into a single payment.