FX Mobile Features

Caplin FX Mobile allows you to create a complete mobile trading solution that is equally suitable for professional and corporate traders. Compatible with all modern iOS and Android devices, it allows users to keep up-to-date with the latest rates; manage their positions; set up custom watchlists; monitor, manage and submit orders; execute spot and forward trades; and view executed trades.

Responsive design

Caplin FX Mobile is highly optimised for touch screens and mobile form-factors. Its HTML5 'responsive' design automatically scales to the dimensions of the device, whether a smartphone or tablet. It can be deployed as native app or accessed via the device’s web browser. Powerful, intuitive navigation makes trading on the move a convenient and enjoyable experience. It’s very straightforward to apply your custom theming and branding to the entire app.

fx mobile both home orders device

Mobile Watchlists

Watchlists provide users with fast access to live rates and access to the market wherever they are. Users can set up and manage multiple watchlists:

Mobile Watchlists

Users can access instrument details, including charts, from their watchlists, and execute trades or submit orders.

Mobile Orders

Users can monitor and manage their orders with quick access to active orders while away from the desk or on the move:

FX Orders

Users can also submit new take profit, stop loss and call orders. Live orders are sorted by closeness to market using a heatmap colour indicator.

Mobile Trades

Executed trades can be accessed in a similar way to orders. Recent trades are listed, and a predefined filter for unsettled trades is available:

Mobile Trades

Users can also create their own custom filters, click through to see further details for executed spot, forward and swap trades, and execute spot and forward trades.

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