Add a custom subject mapper to a permissioning integration adapter

A Java-based permissioning integration adapter can contain a custom subject mapper, which provides mapping instructions to Liberator’s Permissioning Auth Module. Here we explain how to add the custom subject mapper to the adapter’s blade.

The Permissioning Auth Module is packaged in Caplin’s Permissioning Service blade, which is an optional download for Liberator that helps you integrate Liberator with your existing permissioning system.

For an explanation of subject mapping in the context of permissioning, see Additional permissioning capabilities.

You develop a custom subject mapper by implementing the SubjectMapper interface of the Permissioning Integration API in the Caplin Integration Suite. Having created a JAR file containing the subject mapper, your adapter blade needs to

know its location. To specify this (assuming the JAR is called mycustommapper.jar):

  1. Add the custom mapper JAR to the adapter blade by copying it to the blade’s Liberator/lib/java/ directory.

  2. Specify the class path of the custom mapper in the adapter blade’s Liberator/etc/java.conf directory, as in this example:

    class-name   example.permissioning.SimplePermissioning
    class-id     authenticator
    classpath    "${ccd}/../lib/java/mycustommapper.jar"
    classpath    "${ccd}/../lib/java/SimplePermissioning.jar"

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