Sales tickets

The sales ticket is the main component in FX Sales for quoting an FX spot, FX forward, or FX swap rate to a client and for executing the trade on their behalf.

The trader rate supplied to a ticket can be either a streaming price (request for stream) or a series of repeating quotes (request for quote). In both cases, the sales user can make live adjustments to the client rate, either directly or by adjusting the sales margin (markup) or estimated profit.

The sales user can choose whether the client rate or the sales margin recalculates as the trader rate changes. By default, the sales margin is fixed, and the client rate recalculates as the trader rate changes. When the sales user fixes the client rate, the sales margin recalculates as the trader rate changes, and a gauge helps the sales user monitor changes to the sales margin.

The other component for executing a trade on behalf of a client is the FX tile. By default, FX tiles launch sales tickets, but they can be configured (backend permitting) to execute a 'one-click' trade for a spot or forward. A one-click trade executes with the client’s default sales margin. See configuration option CAPLIN.FX.TILE.ONE_CLICK_TRADE.

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