Liberator REST services

Liberator 8 introduces support for REST clients and simple, no-code integration with REST endpoints.

REST client interface

Liberator 8 is the first release of Liberator that supports clients other than the StreamLink client library.

Liberator has long included a built-in web server, used to support RTTP-over-HTTP and serve web pages. From version 8, Liberator’s web server includes a REST handler that allows REST clients to retrieve snapshots (GET) and contribute (POST, PUT) data on the Caplin Platform.

REST endpoint integration

Liberator 8 includes a generic REST Adapter that makes integrating with remote REST endpoints easy.

Configure data routing rules for a namespace, just as you would with any other adapter, then, in the REST Adapter’s configuration, map a remote REST endpoint to that namespace.

Because the REST endpoint is mapped to a Caplin Platform subject, it’s compatible with both StreamLink and REST clients of Liberator.

StreamLink 8 includes new methods specifically for interacting with REST endpoints exposed as Platform subjects.

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