Caplin Project Templates

The Caplin Project Templates repository is a collection of template integration projects to get you started quickly in Caplin Platform development. Each template project includes an example application for you to extend and customise. The build process is managed by Gradle, and each project includes tasks to build, run, and package your project as a Caplin Platform Blade.

The template projects require Caplin’s Java integration libraries. You can configure Gradle to download these libraries automatically from the Caplin Software Repository, or you can configure Gradle to reference local copies of the libraries if your development environment does not have an Internet connection.


The template projects require the following build environment:

Using the templates

Each template includes its own comprehensive instructions.

The instructions and options differ between templates, but in general the process for using a template is as follows:

  1. Download or clone the latest version of Caplin Project Templates from GitHub.

  2. Choose a template to base your project on and copy its directory to your src directory

  3. Customise the template’s Gradle gradle.settings and build.gradle files.

  4. [optional] Import the project into you company’s version control system

  5. [optional] Import the project into a Gradle-aware IDE

  6. Write your integration code, then run the Gradle assemble task to build and package your project as a Caplin Platform Blade.

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