Peer management configuration

These configuration items are used to manage Transformer’s interaction with its DataSource peers.

Here’s a list of all the peer management configuration items; to get more detail, just click on the item you’re interested in.


map-limited-status-to-ok specifies how Transformer behaves when it receives a status of "limited" for an object. When map-limited-status is TRUE, the object’s status is changed to "ok".

Syntax: map-limited-status-to-ok <boolean>

Type: boolean

Default value: FALSE


peerdown-time specifies the time in seconds for which Transformer waits when it detects that its connection to a Liberator has gone down. After this time, Transformer discards any objects in its cache that haven’t been re-requested by the Liberator since the connection was lost. The default value is intended to allow a failed Liberator to restart and re-request the majority of the objects it requires before Transformer deletes them, so that the Transformer doesn’t have to fetch them again from its other DataSource peers.

Syntax: peerdown-time <time-in-seconds>

Type: float

Default value: 60.0 seconds

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