About blades and motifs

This page introduces the Bladerunner concepts of blades and motifs



Blades are used throughout Caplin’s solutions. A blade is a re-usable software module that contains the code and resources needed to implement a business or technical feature. You can build a Caplin Trader application using blades.

To find out more about blades and the benefits of using the blade approach, see the Blades page at bladerunnerjs.org.

Caplin Platform also makes use of blades. See here for more on Platform blades.


Caplin offers an ever-growing library of standard blades that can be dropped into your application. These can be deployed straight out of the box, or customised as required. Caplin Trader also allows you to create your own blades from scratch, and to combine bespoke, standard and customised blades as needed.

Standard Caplin blades are grouped into motifs, each aimed at a particular user segment – for example, institutional FX execution, retail futures and options trading, and so on. A motif consists of a collection of blades plus all the configuration and code needed to generate a sample application using those blades.

BladeRunnerJS makes it easy to import a motif (including all its blades) to your local environment, and then, with a single click, create a deployable working application. You can modify and extend the blades in your development environment using your preferred programming tools, add your own blades as needed, easily control the look and feel of the application, and deploy releases as required.

Standard blades and motifs provided by Caplin greatly accelerate time-to-market, and reduce development cost and risk.