Configuration Service

The Configuration Service provides general configuration to the front-end applications.

An implementation of the Configuration Service (Config) is required for the Historic Search feature in Caplin FX Sales.


The Configuration Service is available in the FX Integration API 3.49+.

Implementing the Configuration Service

The Configuration Service is implemented using a CachedObjectProvider that provides a Config object:

com.caplin.motif.datasource com.caplin.motif.fx.config CachedObjectProvider initialise() onRequest() onDiscard() Config SearchConfig getExecutionSearchConfig() provides

Follow the steps below to implement the Configuration Service:

  1. Add the following object mapping to your adapter’s rttpd.conf file:

  2. Add the following include pattern to the add-data-service block in your adapter’s rttpd.conf file

    include-pattern "^/PRIVATE/[^/]+/FX/CONFIG"
  3. Create an implementation of the Config interface. In the getExecutionSearchConfig() method, instantiate and return a SearchConfig object. The SearchConfig.getSearchFields() method returns a List of SearchField objects, each describing a search criteria field.

    com.caplin.motif.fx.config Config SearchConfig getExecutionSearchConfig() SearchConfig List<SearchField> getSearchFields() MyConfig SearchConfig getExecutionSearchConfig()
  4. Create an implementation of CachedObjectProvider (MyConfigProvider in the diagram below). In the onRequest method, instantiate and publish an instance of MyConfig.

    com.caplin.motif.datasource CachedObjectProvider initialise() onRequest() onDiscard() MyConfigProvider initialise() onRequest() onDiscard() MyConfig SearchConfig getExecutionSearchConfig() provides
  5. In the initialisation code for your integration adapter, instantiate a MyConfigProvider and register it as the configuration provider for a FXTradeAdapter instance:

    fxTradeAdapter.registerConfigProvider(new MyConfigProvider()) FXTradeAdapter registerConfigProvider() MyConfigProvider initialise() onRequest() onDiscard() registers

For a working example of an adapter with a Historic Search implementation, see the Novo Trading Adapter example in the FX Integration API Kit (v3.50 or greater).


To permit users to view the config subject, add the following permissions to the global namespace:

Field Description








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