FX Sales Features

Caplin FX Sales offers tools and dashboards that increase sales productivity while supporting comprehensive management oversight and control. The moment a sales person starts a conversation with a client, the configurable dashboard displays the client’s trading limits, activity, open positions and upcoming maturities. It also shows key metrics such as pricing history, default spreads, historic mark-ups and hit rates per currency pair. All of these provide essential insight into that client’s expectations and price sensitivity.

The same screen provides everything the sales person needs to trade on behalf of a client, using tickets pre-populated with default spreads for that client. Powerful tools allow price optimisation by temporarily either locking the rate (with variable margin), or locking the margin (with variable all-in client rate). In both cases, price and margin are constantly monitored in real time. Alternatively, a sales person can enter the desired value of the sales mark-up ("make me $x on this trade") all within pre-defined management limits.

Advanced search tools make it easy to quickly identify client profiles, and active profiles can be saved as favourites along with preferred display layouts.

FX Sales Overview

The landing screen shows streaming rates and provides a blotter showing trades for all the clients on whose behalf the user is permissioned to trade:

FX Sales Overview screen 1

FX Client Overview

Once a client has been selected, the client overview screen puts information about the client at the sales person’s fingertips:

FX Client Overview screen

This includes contact information, client margined streaming rates and a trade blotter for that client’s trades. The blotter supports advanced filtering and sorting.

A client and user search panel is accessible from all parts of the application:

FX sales client search screens

This gives quick access to recent clients and users with an intuitive search facility.

Trade Ticket

Once margins have been set, then the client rate can be locked. This allows the client rate (spot, points or all-in) to be adjusted without being affected by the live ticking trader rate.

FX Sales Trade Ticket

Once the client rate is locked, the trade button is enabled and the profit indicator becomes live. Caplin FX Sales supports spot, forward and swap trading. Margins can be adjusted and reset at any time.

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