Sales Intervention

Sales Intervention (SI) is a feature in FX Sales that enables sales traders to intervene in the automatic pricing of quote requests.


Sales Intervention provides the following benefits:

  • It increases sales volumes by giving sales traders the opportunity to manually price quote requests that would otherwise be rejected as unsuitable for automatic pricing.

  • It reduces the bank’s exposure to risk by enabling sales traders to monitor automatically-priced quotes and override those quotes that, in their judgement, expose the bank to unacceptable risk.

Quotes may be redirected to Sales Intervention for many reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • No live rates are available

  • The amount requested is outside of preconfigured limits

  • The trade would exceed the client’s credit limit

  • The margining system cannot provide the client’s default margin

  • The quote request is outside of regular trading times

  • The client has explictly requested that the deal is manually priced

  • The quote request is for a Limit Order that requires explicit pricing and approval (for example, a Stop Loss Order)


Sales Intervention has the following requirements:

  • FX Sales 1.18 or greater

  • FX Integration API 3.5 or greater

  • A User Details Adapter. For more information, see User Details Service in the FX Integration API.


For architecture and example workflows, see Sales Intervention architecture.

FX Sales user interface

FX Sales provides a rich interface for sales intervention:

  • Active Deals Blotter: displays active deals and deals that have failed risk analysis.

  • Historic Deals Blotter: displays completed, cancelled, rejected and expired deals.

  • Notifications: visual and audible notifications of new deals in the Active Deals Blotter that require the trader’s attention.

  • Tickets:

    • Support for spot, forward, non-deliverable forward (NDF), flexible forward (time-option forward), swap, and block trades

    • Margin adjustment

    • Manual or streaming trader-rates

For more information, see Sales Intervention user interface.

Backend integration

Sales Intervention includes a new trade model that interacts with the existing RFS trade model. The relationship between the two models is provided as a specification. To implement this relationship in your system, you implement listeners for transitions in the Sales Intervention trade model, and amend your existing listeners for the RFS trade model.

For more information, see Implementing Sales Intervention.

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