Setting up the front end

This page guides you through the first part in deploying the FX Sales Motif - setting up the front-end system.


  • You need a Java 7 (32-bit) JDK or better installed in your development environment

  • The JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set to point to the Java Development Kit (JDK) installation directory, see here

  • For further information on the minimum software and hardware requirements contact us at

Files required:




Start by importing the Motif using BladeRunnerJS

The FX Sales Motif is a fully fledged HTML5 trading application that utilises Caplin Trader (CT) SDK libraries, and can be imported into BladeRunnerJS (BRJS). As a development toolkit and lightweight framework, BRJS can be used for building modular large-scale HTML5 single page web apps. The deployment package contains the BladeRunnerJS framework.

Part 1

  1. Extract the fileto a location of your choice

    If you were given a, unzip this and copy the \caplin folder into the \CaplinTrader\js-patches\ directory
  2. Now open a command-line window, navigate to \CaplinTrader\sdk, and execute the following command:

    brjs serve
  3. A Jetty web server should now have been initiated. You are now able to access the BladeRunnerJS dashboard from a web browser using the following address:

  4. Access the BladeRunnerJS dashboard and click Import Motif from Zip. Now click Choose File from the dialog box, then find and select the

  5. In the appropriate fields, specify an 'App Name'. In this example we will use NovoTrader. Then specify an 'App Namespace'. In this example we will use novo.

  6. Click Create and wait for the app to be created. Once created, you will see a tile with the thumbnail image of the newly created app on the dashboard with the app name NovoTrader (or whichever app name you have specified)

Part 2

  1. Click Open on the newly created app tile in the dashboard. You should now see all available bladesets (motf, rates, styling, scaffold etc.), along with the included blades listed below each bladeset.

  2. Click the Launch App icon launchappicon, in the top right corner of the dashboard. You will then be directed to a login page for the FX Sales Motif.

    From this point on you are able to directly access this login page URL providing you have BladeRunnerJS running (see Step 2 in Part 1)
  3. At the login page the username/password fields may already be completed, where:


    Password: password

    login page salestrader

    Click Login when ready

  4. When you have logged in, an Alerts message might display …​a connection could not be established - Don’t worry! We still need to set up the back-end systems, and other configurations.

  5. You can now shut down BladeRunnerJS from the command-line window using <CTRL+C>, or simply close the window