CIS 7 release highlights

This page highlights new features and improvements in version 7 of the Caplin Integration Suite.

The Caplin Integration Suite (CIS) is a suite of integration libraries to help you connect your backend systems to the Caplin Platform. Integration libraries are available for C, Java, and .NET.

Product name change

From Caplin Platform 7, the title 'Caplin Integration Suite' is now used collectively to refer to Caplin’s Java integration libraries, C integration libraries, and .NET integration libraries. This is a change from Caplin Platform 6, when the title 'Caplin Integration Suite' referred only to the Java integration libraries.

The Java, C, and .NET integration libraries continue to be licensed separately in Caplin Platform 7, as they were in Caplin Platform 6.


The CIS 6 Toolkit is not included in Caplin Platform 7. The toolkit’s role in scaffolding new integration projects and in performing common build tasks has been replaced by a new set of template integration projects available on GitHub: Caplin Project Templates.

New features

In addition to new versions of the Java, C, and .NET integration libraries, Caplin Integration Suite 7 is launched in conjunction with the new Caplin Software Repository and the Caplin Project Templates.

Caplin Software Repository

The Java Integration Libraries are now distributed individually in the new Caplin Software Repository and in the Caplin Download site. The Java libraries are no longer bundled together in a single ZIP archive, as they were in CIS 6.

Distributing Caplin’s Java libraries individually speeds up Caplin’s release process for each Java library, and meets the expectations of modern build tools that expect project dependencies to be available individually.

Caplin Project Templates

Caplin have released Caplin Project Templates, a set of template Gradle projects for a range of different adapters. Each template includes a working project and the build tasks required to package the project as a Caplin Platform Blade.

The Gradle template projects are Caplin Platform 7’s replacement for the functionality provided by the CIS Toolkit’s command-line interface (CLI), which provided commands to create, build, and package adapter projects.

The templates are designed to work with the new Caplin Software Repository, but can also be configured to use local libraries from your file system.

Microsecond timestamps

From version 7.1, DataSource for C, DataSource for Java, and DataSource for .NET log to microsecond precision in alignment with MiFID II's highest standards for timestamps in record keeping.

For more details, see DataSource: Timestamp resolution.

DataSource for Java: new I/O library

DataSource for Java 7 now uses Netty I/O, an asynchronous I/O library that offers improved scalability and performance.